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Base price: $1,900.00
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Eicon Diva V-2PRI/E1/T1-60 p/n 803-017-01 ( 800-818 )

has 60 E1, 48 T1 on 2 PRI IDSN Interfaces PCI

Refurbished & Tested  90 Day Warranty

Card Only

Manufacturer Description:

The Dialogic Diva V-2PRI ("Diva V-2PRI") boards are exceptionally powerful PC-based telephony boards that provide rich media processing capabilities for up to 60 voice channels over E1 interfaces or up to 48 voice channels over T1 interfaces. They are an excellent choice for enterprises and service providers looking for a large-size unified messaging, analog modem, POS, RAS, fax, voice, speech, conferencing and monitoring / tapping (HiZ) platform that can easily be expanded to multiple boards per system.

Extremely powerful Digital Signal Processors (DSP) ensure real-time voice processing, reducing latency and improving overall system performance. The Diva V-2PRI enable both legacy and IP-based computer telephony (CTI) solutions, as well as leading-edge UM and voice business applications, such as voice portals and speech-enabled contact centers.

The Diva V-2PRI board comes in two versions, a PCI and a PCIe version. The PCI version is full size form factor. The PCIe version is half size form factor. This V-2PRI board is PCI

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